Utah Contractor Doug Hall
Tom Jerome House

"Having Doug Hall build our barn when we moved to Boulder turned out to be one of the best things we could have done.  Working as part of the crew, we learned a lot -- not only about building, but the community as well -- and found Doug to be a thoroughly professional project manager.

The barn was completed under budget and on time, and we really ended up missing that great morning music/jokes/coffee routine when the job was finished.  We would recommend Doug very highly to anyone considering building.

Pete &  Cookie Schaus 
Shaus Barn Utah General Contractor
See Mike Putiak House built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Campbell Home build by Doug Hall Construction General Construction
Froeb House built by General Contractor Doug  Hall
Cox addition and garage built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Elliot House Built by Dough Hall Contractor
Doug Hall Construction
Doug Hall Construction
Shaus Barn
Woodbury House
Scott House