Utah Contractor Doug Hall
Tom Jerome House
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Doug Hall construction
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General Contractor Interior
See Mike Putiak House built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Campbell Home build by Doug Hall Construction General Construction
Froeb House built by General Contractor Doug  Hall
Cox addition and garage built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Elliot House Built by Dough Hall Contractor
Doug Hall is an incredibly talented builder who far exceeded the expectations I had for my home.  It’s almost hard to imagine that working with a builder could be such a consistently positive experience.  From developing the initial plans to the final, finishing details, Doug seemed to treat my house as if it were his own.

Selecting someone to build your home requires a significant amount of trust and confidence.  Trust and confidence are even more important when you live in another state and you’re not there to supervise the progress on a regular basis.  Fortunately, I could not have selected better than Doug Hall.  His building experience and skills are exceptional.  And just as importantly, Doug is honest and highly ethical.  He finished the home within our projected budget and completion date.

Starting with a concept and rough sketch for my dream house in the wilderness,  I’m delighted to say that thanks to Doug Hall, the reality of my dream house has actually exceeded the vision.  How often does that happen?"

Mike Putiak
Mike Putiak Home
Shaus Barn
Woodbury House
Scott House
Putiak Interior
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