Utah Contractor Doug Hall
Tom Jerome House
Froeb House
Kitchen Rollover
See Mike Putiak House built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Campbell Home build by Doug Hall Construction General Construction
Froeb House built by General Contractor Doug  Hall
Cox addition and garage built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Elliot House Built by Dough Hall Contractor
Froeb Doogle

We engaged Doug Hall to begin building our home in 2008.  We were very lucky to have Doug as our builder as everything came together perfectly.  The Froeb and Wedbush families are eternally grateful for Doug's incredible craftsmanship.  When you consider that the owners and architect were in three different cities in California, and the builder and site were nine hundred miles away in Boulder, Utah it's amazing that this project was finished on time and on budget.  Doug's experience and invaluable input on the plan,finishes and overall scheme made this project very sucessful.  This home far exceeds what we thought possible.  We're proud to have worked with Doug as the finished product is very high quality all the way through.

Charles and Millie Froeb
Tiburon California

Shaus Barn
Woodbury House
Scott House
Doug Hall Construction