Utah Contractor Doug Hall
Tom Jerome House
Campbell Home Inside
Campbell Home
See Mike Putiak House built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Campbell Home build by Doug Hall Construction General Construction
Froeb House built by General Contractor Doug  Hall
Cox addition and garage built by Doug Hall General Contractor
Elliot House Built by Dough Hall Contractor
Campbell Home
Shaus Barn
Woodbury House
Scott House

"In this day when General Contractors seem to only occasionally show up on the jobsite, Doug Hall stands in marked contrast.  He shows up at dawn A.M., lines his men out, and efficiently goes about building a miracle.  He returns phone calls promptly and embraces the technology of emails and digital photos to keep his clients abreast. And magically, he coordinates the litany of sub-contractors and materials shipments in his off-time, keeps his eyes towards the budget, and makes the client feel like the center of the universe.  To do even one or two of those things effectively, in this community on the far reaches of the map, is amazing.  I've been a masonry contractor for 23 years, and I've never worked with a General with the level of integrity and ethics, experience and skillfulness that Doug Hall brings to the job.  It's why I chose him to build my house, and it's why I recommend him to anyone considering the same." 

                                                                                           - Todd Campbell   Boulder, Utah